Tile: Conrad WINS!!!! Noah beat Conrad in the 4th game 410-379, but Conrad won overall with a record of 2-2, +73
Collins: Dave (luckbox!) Wiegand beats John O'Laughlin 3-in-a-row 526-343, and wins 3-0, +381; no fourth game necessary


Note: We do not have sufficient staff/annotators to broadcast the games live. However, we have asked the finalists to self-annotate and we will get the games up soon after the results are known. Thank you for your understanding! -- Chris Wiegand, Wed Administrator

TILE Finals, Game 1
TILE Finals, Game 2
TILE Finals, Game 3
TILE Finals, Game 4

Collins Finals, Game 1
Collins Finals, Game 2
Collins Finals, Game 3
Note: The tally slip/score to which the players agreed does not match the Quackle score, but the tally slip is the result recorded for the tournament.

Live Games graciously hosted by cross-tables.com, from files created by Quackle.

Oregon Tile 2014